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Our sauces

Made with our pure honey in an artisanal way. Without white sugar and vinegar.

Honey and mustard

Without vinegar and white sugar, our honey and mustard sauce is made from our exceptional honey and mustard grains that we have selected and grinded with care. Besides being healthy and natural, this is the only honey and mustard sauce on the market where honey tops the list in the ingredient list. (It can be used as a marinade, salad dressing or same as a condiment. With chicken, salmon, sandwiches, kebabs and even salads, it's delicious.)


Korean BBQ

This touch of exoticism coupled with our tasty honey will appeal to adventure lovers. The delicate taste of sesame and grilled peppers enhanced by the slight spicy touch of habanero pepper and the sweetness of our pure honey make it the ideal sauce for your vegetable stir-fries, your pad thai or your pulled pork.


General Mimi

Our General Mimi sauce is our best General Tao type sauce you will ever eat. Named in honor of the matriarch of our company, she embodies all the culinary talent that our mother puts into the development of our extraordinary sauces!

Honey mustard

Our honey mustard is the basis of many of our sauces. It is made with our pure honey and a skilful blend of various Canadian mustard grain flour and wine vinegar. This is one of the few mustards on the market without sugar or white vinegar.