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Project description

Our brand new project is to deploy a Distillation and Spirits Manufacturing component to our company. We want to become the leaders in the development of 100% local spirits, made exclusively from pure honey from our hives and local aromatics wherever possible.

Our project consists of the manufacture of a brand new piece intended for distillation, the establishment of a quality control laboratory and the renovation of our shop / tasting room in order to make agrotourism visits to our facilities again. more user-friendly.

Origin of the project

At the Miellerie King, our project has always been to transform the honey from our own beehives into a thousand and one product. In 2019, we were the first to market canned mead cocktails in Quebec and this year, we want to push our innovations even further by creating 100% local spirits from our own honey, from the hive to the bottle.

In addition, a good portion of our strong alcohol will come from the distillation of our tank bases which, in the past, had to be discarded since they were too difficult to filter. So what was a waste becomes a delicious, value-added product. In doing so, Miellerie King will soon be offering gins, brandy, vodka and alcoholic cream.

The uniqueness of the project

Distillery B by Miellerie King is one of the few distilleries that will produce its alcohol from A to Z, from the hive to the bottle. The majority of distilleries in Quebec use bulk alcohol from Ontario and redistillate it by adding aromatics. Although this requires certain knowledge, we have decided to take even more ownership of our product. At the Miellerie King, the alcohol is made from honey from its own beehives and the majority of herbs are picked locally when possible. This is 100% local alcohol!


Thanks to your contribution, we will be able to ensure that the project of our dreams becomes a reality. We will be able to offer you a most user-friendly tasting and shopping place within our company.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

By contributing to the project, you will be a stakeholder in the birth of the 1st distillery in our region and can be proud to be part of a structuring agrotourism project for our environment!


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