Our honeys and caramel

Made with our 100% pure honey

Honey Tradition

This pure and unpasteurized autumn honey is the result of the perfect blend of clover honey and goldenrod honey from our region. We can easily distinguish the sweet notes of goldenrod and the roundness of clover honey in its bouquet. This honey goes perfectly with all your recipes requiring quality honey in their preparation.


Blueberry honey

Our pure, unpasteurized blueberry honey harvested near Alma in Lac St-Jean is a delicate and tasty honey. We perceive the floral, almost fruity notes of blueberries in this delicious honey. Less sweet than our TRADITION honey, it goes wonderfully with tea or any other dish requiring a touch of sweetness with elegance.


Buckwheat honey

Our pure buckwheat honey was harvested in a field in Mauricie. This type of honey has a strong taste reminiscent of the taste of molasses.

It lends itself wonderfully to cooking with its unique and distinctive taste of buckwheat.


Creamy orange honey

Our creamy orange honey goes wonderfully with pancakes, waffles and even a simple toast. The freshness of orange and the sublime taste of honey make it one of our favorite creamy honeys.

Triple creamy honey

Churned 3 times with love, our pure, unpasteurized triple creamy honey is the king of whipped honeys. Smooth and tasty, it is perfect for lovers of pure honey who want to spread their toast in the morning. It is also eaten very well with a spoon directly from the pot.


Creamy Peanut Butter Honey

Our Creamy Peanut Butter Honey was created to make your life easier. Now you will only have one pot to take out to make yourself a sweet and savory toast.

Available only in store


Honey caramel

Miellerie King's Honey Caramel combines the wonderful taste of our mother's liquid cream sugar with that of our TRADITION pure, unpasteurized honey. It goes perfectly well with pancakes, waffles, vanilla ice cream or all your favorite desserts that beg to be filled with even more love. In short, our honey caramel is liquid happiness!

Honey for dessert

The delicate notes of orange blossoms and roses will wonderfully perfume your favorite desserts and make you discover your most beautiful creations in a new light.


Cheese honey

The union between honey and cheese is actually consumed with cheese honey. The notes of almonds will accompany the richness of your favorite cheeses, especially bries, camembert and goat cheese.

Honey for marinade

If Mexico has its spicy chocolate, Quebec now has its honey with habaneros peppers. With marinade honey you will be the master of marinades and dressings. It will quickly become the secret ingredient that will make you the master of the kitchen.