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Our spirits

Our spirits are all made directly from our pure honey directly from our hives. Our honeys are first of all fermented to make meads and, subsequently, they are distilled with care by our distiller in our still. A monk's job that allows us to develop exceptional products, from the bee to the bottle!

Alvéole - The Cream

Alcoholic beverage with cream and honey caramel - 16% alc./vol.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Honey, brandy and cream. A simple recipe inspired by our worker bees and our family traditions. A real liquid happiness to enjoy on ice or in broad strokes in your coffee.

Goldenrod Fall Honey Gin
- 40% alc./vol.


Colony 12 months spicy 
Spicy amber apirum ages 12 months
- 40% alc./vol.

Patiently aged in oak barrels that have contained bourbon and our Premium Bastringue, our Apirum will reveal its roundness and exceptional taste. The richness of buckwheat honey at its best. Delicately caramelized, our buckwheat honey will reveal its subtly spicy notes and unique character. Apirum is part of the pure tradition of alternative rums made from honey. The pride of the whole colony!


Honey gin - floral
- 40% alc./vol.


Our new gin is definitely synonymous with spring. The flowers that emerge from the ground. The morning dew that takes on a thousand and one smells that will feast our brave bees. A single sip will take you there.  


Floral, delicate, distinguished. Made 100% from honey from our own hives, we have given pride of place to flowers and herbs that perfectly complement the waxy and floral side of our honey eau-de-vie, such as the classic juniper berries. , amber flowers, angelica roots and pine nard.