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Our bottled meads

At Miellerie King, we produce quality meads as well as unusual mistelles.

BEE Tradition

A unique and tasty honey wine. On the nose, you will have the impression of being in the center of a field of flowers from our region, fragrant and full of nectar calling out for bees to come and forage them.

The delicate taste of BEE TRADITION by Miellerie King is reminiscent of the suppleness and freshness of a good little white wine that can be enjoyed without pretension in good company.

BEE TRADITION was awarded in 2019 a bronze medal in the category '' mead '' at the Finger Lake International Wine Competition in New York State.


BEE Atoca Fiesta

The perfect marriage between pure and tasty honey from the unique flora of Center-du-Québec and the internationally renowned cranberries that grow there. As an aperitif with friends or as an accompaniment to sushi or "poke bowl", our rosé honey wine is simply perfect!

BEE ATOCA FIESTA also recently distinguished itself at the largest competition dedicated to mead in the world. In fact, during the Mazer Cup which took place in Colorado on March 18 and 19, the rosé honey wine from Miellerie King won the gold medal in its category, which includes meads flavored with semi-sweet fruits. In this year's Mazer Cup, almost 412 meads from over 20 countries competed against each other.

BEE ATOCA FIESTA mead was also distinguished this year during the Finger Lake International Wine competition in Rochester, New York, a competition bringing together nearly 3,000 alcohols of all types from more than 600 companies across the world.

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